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Support to Help You Start and Maintain Your Career

Supported Employment

Job Search

ASD Solutions Inc. helps job seekers find meaningful employment opportunities by aligning your or your loved one's unique talents to the needs of the business community. Searching for jobs can seem overwhelming. We break it down and coach week to week to ensure success and even make it fun.

Employment Training (On-the-job or Off-site)

After ASD Solutions, Inc. finds you employment, your Employment Specialist will meet with you weekly or twice a week to aid in onboarding and initial training. We work with the managers to arrange necessary accommodations and natural supports.

Once you are confident in your abilities, we provide long-term support where we will follow-up periodically and ensure job stability continues.

      • Teach the art of verbal and nonverbal communication

      • Understand disclosure and accommodations

      • Prepare resumes and cover letters
      • Online job search/Job development
      • Apply for online jobs
      • Prepare for an interview
      • Reduce anxiety or stress
                     After Placement
      • Travel training
      • New hire paperwork and orientation
      • Arrange accommodations and support
      • Train in job-related skills
      • Train in interacting with managers and co-workers
      • Help in adjusting to the work environment
      • Help employers establish an internal mentoring program 
      • Schedule follow-ups with supervisor to receive updates about performance
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